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Turks And Caicos Rental Properties

Turks And Caicos Rental Properties

Turks and Caicos rental properties provide the luxury you deserve. Tip of the Tail located between the idyllic Turtle Tail Drive and the stunning beach of Providenciales offers one of the most iconic settings. Our complete managed experience provides the escape you deserve.

Where can I find a completely managed villa on Turks and Caicos?

Fully managed villas are perfect for those seeking luxury. Our staff handles every detail of your stay. Wake up to mimosas as our staff handles cleaning and cooking in a five-star kitchen.

Tip of the Tail comes with a full staff ready to provide a unique and one of a kind experience. Every wish is accommodated within reach of a nearly private beach. Avoid the crowds while relaxing in the Caribbean.

Carefully chosen luxury

Location, design, and experience define who we are. The Turtle Drive estates are among the most remote on the island. We chose a setting which gives you a taste of island life that is truly yours.

Over 2000 square feet of main floor living space defines our inviting seafront cottage. Four rooms, a 20-person firepit, private bar, and glass wall pool await your group. Scuba dive the expansive reef surrounding Providenciales and come back to a nice cocktail and stunning sunset from the cleanliness of our pool while the waves crash in the distance.

The waters surrounding the island are peaceful. A natural reef teeming with wildlife protects the forty atolls and cays.

What can I do on Turks and Caicos?

If you do start to experience cabin fever, there is never a shortage of things to do. Locals are friendly and create a strong and vibrant community. Thursday fish fries and the accompanying Junkanoo dance parade are among one of the most exciting activities in the entire nation.

With 700 years of recorded history and a tribal culture spanning centuries more, there is plenty to discover. Petroglyphs and a ghost town are just a boat ride away. The same freedom and intrigue that attracted early settlers, explorers, and pirates await you.

Enjoy the island life

Warm year-round temperatures, friendly locals, modern amenities, and the lap of luxury combine to create the ultimate vacation experience. There is never a shortage of activities to take your mind off the hustle and grind of modern life.

Rest easy as our staff takes care of your needs. Rest well in comfortable beds or underneath the stars amidst the natural sound machine that is the Caribbean. We maintain a ten-person hammock.

We make it easy to take advantage of a nation that sits between rest, relaxation, and modernity. From offshore banking to kayaking, Turks and Caicos truly provides everything.

Turks and Caicos rental properties place you in the comfort of island life and in a place of extreme luxury. Tip of the Tail works hard to make your experience truly memorable.

Get in touch with us today or visit our website to view our property. Book your trip today to our wonderful island paradise.

Turks And Caicos Rental Properties
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